We invite individuals and organizations to help us build Habitat homes through partial or full house sponsorship. Our house sponsors have included individuals and families, churches, coalitions of churches and other faith groups, local businesses and national corporations, schools and colleges, and civic and community organizations. House sponsorships provide the critical funding needed for Habitat home construction, and 100% of every house sponsorship is used to purchase the construction materials and services needed to build a Habitat home.

Many house sponsors also provide groups of volunteers who work side-by-side with Habitat partner families at the construction site. Groups that work together to help build a Habitat home find it to be a unique and powerful experience of shared service, cooperation, and team building. Habitat volunteers leave at the end of the day with a well-earned sense of accomplishment and the satisfaction of having made a tangible contribution to their community.

Habitat house sponsors are also invited to join the Habitat partner family, our board members and staff, volunteers, and other Habitat supporters at a wall-raising ceremony and a dedication ceremony to mark the beginning and end of construction and celebrate what we have all accomplished together through Habitat. Every house sponsorship builds one more Habitat home in Southeast Ohio, and provides hope and the opportunity for a better life for one more family in need.

For more information about Habitat house sponsorship  please contact Samantha Waldron at (740) 592-0032 ext.102 or email at samantha@habitatseo.org.

Click here for more information about Corporate Sponsorship.