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Graduation Weekend, 2018 May 4th-5th or May 12th

This spring, Habitat for Humanity of Southeast Ohio and residents of Athens, Ohio provide visiting parents of Ohio University students the opportunity to stay in private homes during Graduation Weekend.  It’s a fundraiser we call “Home 4 A Home”.  We ask a number of Habitat board members, college faculty and other residents of the area to open up their homes to parents who need housing.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this service we ask you to fill out the contact form below.  It asks for contact information and housing requirements so that we can match you with one of our available accommodations.  Next, we will send you and the host a joint email introducing you to each other.  Then you can discuss details about arrival times, directions, etc…

Guests should not expect hosts to serve meals except for a light continental breakfast.  We request a minimum donation of $130 per room per night (plus tax) payable to Habitat for Humanity of Southeast Ohio, 525 W. Union St. Athens, Ohio 45701





Thank you so much for participating in our fundraiser!

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Preferred Phone Number

# Rooms Needed Each Night




Acceptable Bed Arrangements (note, few king size beds or private baths are available)

Room #1:
One TwinTwo TwinsDoubleQueenOther

Room #2:
One TwinTwo TwinsDoubleQueenOther

Ohio Student Name & Year

Special Requests (pet allergies, walking distance, etc... not all special requests can be accommodated)

Other Information That Will Help us Match You With a Host

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